Guangdong welling一直致力于保护性包装领域的研发、Production和销售。目前已拥有数十名工程师组成的专业研发团队,对包装有独特研究和设计。经过不懈的努力威林团队已完成多Years的技术积累,形成了威林自主的两大技术体系;加热密封技术,空气阻隔保护技术,目前威林保护性包装产品,主要分威三大产品家族:文件保护、食品保护及缓冲保护。


    Guangdong welling technology co., LTD(Guangdong welling Stock code:839085)Was founded2008Years 6 Month,Is a collection research and development、Production、Sales in the integration of enterprises,Products involved in office equipment、Packaging equipment、Children's intelligence、Life electric appliance and other fields。     Guangdong welling to scientific and technological innovation is the foundation of the company's survival、To product quality as the cornerstone of management concept in the company to survive,The development of sophisticated、Light、Apply to office family life of the product,And this kind of product to the family。15Years of concentration,Perseverance,Let welling to become the world leader with arm for office supplies。     Guangdong welling factory covers an area of20000Square meters,The staff about 400 People。The company has mold department、Molding department、Injection department、Screen printing department、Assembly department( 7 A modern automated production lines),The whole process will be programmed、Institutionalized、Digital management。The current production capacity for 200000 — 300000 Taiwan / Month。     At present, the company has nearly 30 patents of utility model and appearance,Committed to the global leading brand office electronic products,Products are exported to Europe、The United States、Japan、Southeast Asia、Australia and so on all over the world。Guangdong In Lin2016Years 8 Month 1 The success of landing new three board,For IPO Listed laid a foundation。